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GameGconvert for the iPhone - MP4Converter

Updated May 5,2009


Someone calls it as “the world’s most absurd iPhone accessory”. Personally, it is a little too harsh. After all, there are a lot of game apps available for the iPhone right now, so why not create something that makes the iPhone like a SIXAXIS in its shape? Maybe it’s because we all know that the iPhone may be good, but it hasn’t replaced handhelds like the DS or the PSP. Perhaps I should say that it hasn’t replaced them yet.

After all, Apple has recently announced the downloading of its one billionth app. I’m sure that a high percentage of those downloads were Super Monkey Ball or other gaming programs. If more apps come out that are as good (if not better than) the action games on most handhelds, then the GameGconvert should come with some buttons.

As you can see, the GameGconvert is hardly portable, unless you got a deep pocket. You can also see how to connect it to the iPhone itself, and it will allow for use of the headphones. If you are looking for a gconvert for your iPhone with bright blue silicon grips that are completely sweat-proof, then this is a very useful iPhone accessory. It will cost about $51.

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