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NEC first out with SRS TruMedia suite in phones - MP4Converter

Updated May 6,2009

NEC is the first cell phone manufacturer to release the first handsets in the world that features SRS's advanced TruMedia suite. Just to keep everyone on par with what TruMedia is all about, it is a premium suite that boasts state-of-art audio enriching technologies and advanced voice intelligibility processing technology. SRS and NEC have worked closely together while the new multimedia cell phones were being designed, and this has resulted in a handset that (according to NEC anyways) merges both crystal clear voice communications and superior entertainment experience - especially for multimedia applications including 1Seg TV, MP3 playback, WMV files support as well as music video channel compatibility. The first models that will feature SRS TruMedia are N-01A, N-02A and N-04A.

The patented SRS technologies found in SRS TruMedia will offer voice intelligibility so that the message doesn't get lose in translation, but that doesn't guarantee you won't get the intended meaning across as these cell phones are not yet advanced enough to convey the real meaning across to the other end, so choose your words carefully during a conversation! In addition, you will also be able to experience thrilling, cinema-like 5.1 surround sound experience over headphones whenever you enjoy content over its multichannel video. SRS TruMedia will offer users who are always on-the-go the experience of natural and immersive 3D audio from stereo and music files.

With active ambient noise management system, SRS TruMedia lets you hear and be heard better. Whenever you're in a normal listening environment, the tonal quality of the spoken voice will resonate in a deep, rich bass. As for unavoidable moments when you're surrounded by full of noise, SRS TruMedia will automatically get to work by sharpening the spoken voice and enhancing the overall volume gain in real-time so that the other party will be able to know what you're talking about. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, it doesn't look as though these NEC handsets will make their way out of Japan.

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