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Splendid Scene Snapshot - MP4 Converter

Updated January 21,2008

Everybody has got his or her own life sentimental. Some joyful, some exciting, some amazing, and some painful, but no matter how, all of them consist of splendid scene snapshot.

Do you still remember the funny stories happened on the graduation party night? Look at you, ha-hah, you are drunk, and you are still playing droll on your guys. Hey, that' s the girl! You remember? She' s the one you had a crush on for almost three years, and when you were dancing with her, you can even not be able to tell her your name with nervous. That' s a crazy age, right? And I' m pretty sure you must have recorded all these funny stories in a camcorder to share all these shatters of youth with pals.

Another scene in a church, you were standing there. Look, you are smiling and gazing on a girl with flame and love in your eyes. How beautiful the girl is. She' s in a pure-white wedding gown and veil, and shuffling closer to you. Yes, that' s the wedding ceremony, and the girl, is the one, you would promise to love, guide, and protect for the rest of your life. What a romantic and happy moment it is! And I bet you have already videotaped that stunning happiness in a wedding videography for life-time reminiscing.

Frames to a baby crib, you see, a beautiful little baby is teetering. He' s creeping on the crib, trying to find a way out. Look, he' s staring at you! Hah, he' s waving his tiny hands toward you! Hey, he' s so smart and lovely. Why not do something to preserve every little thing the little baby does? Every motion, every word, every tear, and every laughter. Till he' s grown up, you can pick up these videos, and tell him how much you love him.

Splendid memory to deserve! However, looking through all these cherished pieces represented in videos might be a long time. To help you out of this cumbersome, we, 4Media Software Studio for software developing, offer you a perfect solution –4Media Video Frame Capture for Mac.

It' s an easy to use Mac tool for picture capturing from videos. With absolute user-centred design and usability-related, it can extract pictures from almost all popular video formats like MPEG, DivX, XviD, AVI, RM, MP4, M4V, MOV, WMV, etc., and output the captured photos as static pictures in JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats, GIF and Flash animation formats, and even HTML webpage.

Come on! Start your creative tconvert to leverage 4Media Video Frame Capture for Mac. What plenty personality and brimming sentiment you will re-experience, on the Photo Album snapshooting from your reminiscence videos!

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